Yoga Therapy: Establishing Therapeutic Relationships (open module)

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This 2 day course explores the primary importance of the client/therapist relationship in yoga therapy. It is practical, philosophical and experiential, drawing both from the Indian traditions of yoga as a healing tool, and from contemporary western understandings of positive therapeutic relationships.

The course sets out both the practical elements of yoga therapy and the huge potential for healing and nurture in yoga therapeutic relationships. The course introduces you to the skills of good listening, client interviews and close observation in relation to yoga therapy. It also provides clear general principles on how to modify and adapt yoga practices to meet the needs of individual clients for healing purposes. The weekend presents opportunities to practise the foundational skills necessary to establish nourishing and transformative yoga therapeutic relationships, and it offers guidance on the safe and professional practice of yoga therapy. Practical yogic techniques to develop the self-awareness and self-observation necessary to work effectively as a yoga therapist are also integrated within the course schedule.

Teaching methods include short talks, group and partner exercises and activities, discussions and the practice of meditation, yoga nidra, pranayama, nada yoga (chanting) and pawanamuktasana. There is a short amount (20 minutes) of written self reflection to be completed on the Saturday night and further optional written reflections at the end of course (these reflections are required for the completion of the course when taken as part of the complete Yogacampus Yoga Therapy diploma).

*Brief overview of course content*


  • What is yoga therapy? East and west meets to form the basis for Modern Yoga Therapy.

  • Establishing a therapeutic relationship.

  • The differences between being a 1-2-1 yoga instructor and yoga therapist: making necessary shifts in perspective and attitude.

  • Ethics, boundaries and setting the frame for a therapeutic relationship.

  • Yoga nidra practice to support clear boundaries and self-awareness.

  • Learning how to set the frame;.

  • Practicing the skills of observing, listening, speaking in relation to yoga therapy.

  • Asking Questions; discussion of cultural expectations and differences: intrusion or interest?

  • Meditation practice.


  • Developing and communicating empathy as a foundational skill.

  • Self work – honing the skills of self reflection.

  • How to interview and talk to clients: open ended questions, follow up questions.

  • Meditation.

  • Pawanamuktasana as a practice to develop self observation, and to demonstrate how to appropriately modify yoga practices for individual clients.

  • Questions and discussions around yoga therapeutic relationships.

  • Yoga Nidra to enhance self -reflection, intuition and clarity.

  • Writing and considering self-reflections as an aid to developing effective therapeutic relationships.

  • Further self reflexive exercises.


This training is also a mandatory module for the Yogacampus Yoga Therapy Diploma course



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