Womb Yoga 2: Harvest and thanksgiving

Integrated mother and baby yoga from birth to four

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A uniquely integrated approach to yoga for families.


This is a newly integrated yoga teacher training course that brings together material from the postnatal yoga teacher training course and the early years teacher training course. It is open to yoga teachers from all traditions, who are already teaching pregnancy yoga and who wish to teach baby-friendly postnatal yoga classes. It covers the period from birth to age 4 and will fully integrate mother and baby yoga (from birth to walking) and yoga for toddlers and their parents together.

The course will cover: 

  • Group dynamics, the use of language, yoga games and songs and pair work in family yoga sessions.
  • Asana, pranayama, mudra, meditation and deep relaxation for each developmental stage during the early years together with sample class plans.
  • The conscious and positive use of yoga to build physical and emotional contact between parents, babies and young children and how yoga can be used to promote joy in family life.

This 6 day course is the UK’s first fully comprehensive training for yoga teachers to teach family yoga classes from birth to pre-school. The training will be highly practical, providing a sound foundation in the yogic understanding of ethics, respect, kindness and energetic harmony between adults and children.

The course will include short written assignments and case studies within a fully supported framework for study. To facilitate effective learning and assimilation of the wealth of material covered, the training will be spread out over 5 months, with the basics being taught in the initial 3 day session with time then being given for students to observe classes, complete practical assignments and to put the principles into practice.

The course is designed by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. If you would like a full course outline, and list of recommended reading, please download the course information document (.pdf).

History of the course

The course was developed out of an amalgamation of the previous Postnatal Yoga Module which Uma designed for the British Wheel of Yoga, and the Early Years Yoga training course which she ran for Yogacampus. The newly integrated Mother and Baby Yoga course brings together the best of both of the previos courses in a more integrated, and uniquely mother/baby conscious manner, wherein every aspect of yoga teaching is understood to relate to both the mother AND the baby together.

Comments from previous students on the Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training:

"…Inspirational and encouraging … What I liked most about the course was the breadth of it – all dimensions of the postnatal experience and teaching postnatal women put it on the map! Personally being so welcomed with my baby, my own postnatal experience has been immeasurably enriched."

"The couse always honours the range and complexity of the postnatal experience. So much knowledge and experience is behind the course. It’s a really solid and inspiring foundation for would be postnatal yoga teachers."

"It has been very nurturing, all the lovely yoga nidra / relaxtion practices. I loved the practices and the small supported group. It was useful having real class situations with mums and babies turning up."

"It was great to have real mums and babies to teach. The hand out manual and recommended reading was great. It was nice to have different teachers… the great speakers, they were wonderful. Naomi Stadlen was a treat to have in."

"I thought the course was thoroughly detailed, very comprehensive and informative…the pratical and theoretical aspects of the course were very well balanced. I particularly enjoyed making the connection with the Yamas and Niyamas at the start and the end."

"I liked the flexibility of the course. Being able to bring my own daughter and the openess of the teacher to the course being really flexible for mums."

"The pre-course information was very helpful. Really excellent, informative and organised folder – best pre-planning I’ve ever seen!…So much energy, intelligence, experience and hard work is evident in the course planning."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it inspirational and encouraging. I would recommend anyone who teaches antenatal yoga to do this course as well – it is well worth it." 

The aims of the course are:

  1. to provide an holistic approach to the practical application of yoga in postnatal recovery
  2. to enable students to re-consider pertinent aspects of yoga philosophy in relation to this major period of change in women's lives, and offer a practical framework for the integration of these philosophical and spiritual approaches to the teaching of postnatal recovery yoga
  3. to encourage a critical awareness of a range of different attitudes to postnatal recovery (both within different traditions of yoga practice, and in a wider cultural sense) in order to empower students to evaluate others' perspectives and develop a clear rationale for their own approach to the uses of yoga for postnatal recovery

Course objectives are to enable students to:

  1. plan and teach yoga courses (and individual sessions) including asana, pranayama, relaxation,nada yoga and meditations for postnatal recovery for women from six weeks to four years onths after the birth of their babies.
  2. demonstrate an understanding both of the key principles of anatomy and physiology relevant to infant development and to the postnatal period (including lactation), and of the social and psychological changes characteristic of the transition to motherhood.
  3. teach with an informed sensitivity to the emotional and spiritual experiences of postnatal women and their babies and toddlers.
  4. teach within the appropriate safety guidelines (as may be later agreed by the British Wheel of Yoga) for this type of yoga practice
  5. plan and teach (groups and individuals) yogic approaches to baby and toddler handling and carrying (from newborns to four years) in so far as this impacts upon maternal posture, strength and vitality.


Course Dates

Baby Yoga and Baby Massage | MANCHESTER
Friday, April 5, 2019

with Janine Hurley and Justine Baines

Create a nurturing yet fun and interactive yoga practice for both mother and baby (or dads or grandparents). Explore how to apply different yoga and massage techniques to help both parent and baby to develop in harmony.

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