Yoga in Tune with Your Menstrual Cycle

Yoga that goes with your natural ebb and flow creates well-being, healing and balance. It can help alleviate cycle problems and enable you to discover and appreciate the benefits of having a cycle (yes there are some!). A lot of yoga is designed by men for men and doesn't take account of how women change - this does!

FIND OUT more about your natural cyclical changes, with ways to be more mindful of them, including a compassionate meditation.

DISCOVER how to be gentle with yourself around your period and enjoy a nurturing yoga sequence for this time.

EXPLORE ways to navigate the often challenging pre-menstrual time, including a releasing and grounding yoga sequence.

ENJOY a yoga nidra (deep relaxation) that honours the different phases of your cycle.

Women with any, or no, experience of yoga are very welcome.

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