Yoga Seedlings, Yoga Buds , Yoga Blossoms

Yoga and Mindfulness Circles for girls using asana, breathing, drawing, visualization, mindfulness and yoga nidra to promote awareness and well being

Yoga Seedlings is for ages 7-8 and introduces the foundations of Mindfulness through bell work, deep listening, pair yoga, visualization , drawing and asana. Sharing and comradership, group-bonding and trust is developed with games and story telling

Yoga Buds is for ages 9- 11 and introduces the foundations of cycling awareness through an awareness of the connections with the outer and inner seasons and the rhythms of the moon. We use asana, the breath-body-mind trinity, drawing, visualization, yoga nidra, games, pair and group yoga, story telling and sharing to instil a feeling of togetherness

All classes encourage rest, stilness and relaxation

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Elena Riu
The Old Fire Station
61 Leswin Road, Stoke Newington
N16 7NX
United Kingdom