Women's Wisdom Mini Workshops

These mini workshops held on the full moon will help you align to and harness your own cycle – whether this be your menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle or both!

Each workshop will include learning cycle awareness and simple ways to use that awareness to improve all areas of your life,

If you no longer menstruate or have had a hysterectomy, this womb wisdom is still available within you. You will take part in a therapeutic and fluid approach to yoga especially designed for women that integrates asana (postures) with breath, sound, and mudra (gesture) to enhance awareness of your feminine wisdom , you will learn yoga practices suitable for the different stages of your energy cycle, and participate in deep relaxation and even some yogic dance!

Being a woman is a gift – we simply need to remember how to tune in to our own amazing cycles

Dates: Sunday March 16th, Thursday June 12th and Wednesday October 8th.

Venue: Quaker Meeting house Maldon

Time: 6pm-9pm

Cost: £15 each

Booking is essential please email or call to book a place



United Kingdom