Wild Well Woman Yoga and Nidra

MOON FOREST FLOW ~ Wild Well Woman Yoga
Well Woman inspired wild yoga to nurture, support and nourish our bodies at all ages, life stages and cycle phases.

Reconnecting to the primal knowledge of fluid power and deep rest
Reclaiming our animal body
Restoring our wild nature


Wild Well Woman Yoga takes Well Woman Yoga (previously known as womb yoga) into nature. This is an intuitive, feminine and environmentally aware approach to yoga that awakens the primal knowledge of fluid power and deep rest. It is about surrendering to the flow and being released from expectations of consistency, predictability and infinite resource. It is here that we experience freedom beyond form and are empowered to practice in a way that is fluid and adaptable to the waxing and waning of our needs and natures.

I host regular Wild Well Woman Yoga and Yoga Nidra classes in the forests and countryside of Milton Keynes. See upcoming gatherings page for current schedule.

Booking via: www.moonforestflow.com/upcoming

Carly x



Moon Forest Flow
Secret location
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom
Secret rural location in North Milton Keynes near Old Stratford ~ information provided on booking.