Well Woman Yoga

Thursdays 8-9.15pm, Sea scouts clubhouse, Caversham, Reading

I run women-centred yoga classes, which relish our femininity and honour the monthly rhythms and different stages of womanhood. The classes are suitable for any woman, and particularly those with menstrual problems, fertility issues or menopausal symptoms. The classes aim to:

* practise yoga in a way that nurtures and strengthens our female anatomy and physiology

* honour the times of higher energy and our need for rest in relation to the monthly cycle (or the lunar cycle post-menstruation)

* support your own awareness and personal practice at a pace that suits you

* nourish women experiencing menstrual and fertility problems, peri-menopause and menopause, and take a long-term approach to postnatal care (without babies, see also classes with babies)

* create a social circle of women (to counteract the typical anonymous yoga class where you never learn the others' names!)

* provide time for deep relaxation.

The classes are open to all women. No prior experience of yoga is necessary. If you have found other yoga classes too physical in the past, please try this one. The idea is to feel completely free to join in with the parts of the session that feel right for you, choosing energetic and/ or relaxing practises. If you need to spend the whole session in a restorative pose that's ok by me!

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Tessa Yoga
Sea Scouts Clubhouse
The Warren
United Kingdom
Once on The Warren, you will come to the canoe club on the corner, carry on along the road, past the white house on the right, then you will see the clubhouse on your left. Park along the fence. There is a turning circle further along the road for returning after the class.