Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

I offer Yoga Alliance Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Trainings around the world.

My courses are a result of my studies with Sally Parkes (UK), Jodie Boone (US) and of course Uma Dinsmore. This is combined with my own experience with 4 pregnancies.

Pregnancy, birth and motherhood and the wellbeing of our women should be at the heart of our community. By caring for ourselves during pregnancy, we simultaneously take care of our babies to be. Subsequently, we are birthing and raising the next generation and cultivating a healthy community. There is no more important thing in my eyes.

Pregnancy is a time of great change that brings a range of physical symptoms and emotions that may never have emerged at any other point in our lives. Pregnancy is as varied as the human race, and every pregnancy is different. However, the great joy of prenatal yoga, rather than any other form of exercise, is that by interweaving the philosophy of the yamas and niyamas and the science of asana, pranayama and meditation with a positive, supportive and non competitive tone we create a community of women who support each other through all joys and challenges of pregnancy and beyond.

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