Pregnancy Yoga

Emma welcomes you to her pregnancy yoga classes in Bath. A safe, fun and nurturing environment for you and your baby. Yoga is the ideal exercise for pregnant women, widely recommended by midwives and doctors for expectant mothers as a way of staying fit and mobile.

Pregnancy yoga is great for:
• Keeping your body supple without straining it
• Boosting energy levels
• Relieving stress and anxiety
• Promoting restful sleep
• Alleviating pain during labour and childbirth
• Relieving common minor ailments during pregnancy
• Bonding with your unborn baby

You don’t need any prior experience of yoga to benefit from it - just come along! All stages of pregnancy are welcome from 12 - 42 weeks.

Our classes are small and provide a valuable, quiet space in which to form a bond with your unborn child, prepare for birth and meet other mums.

With Emma’s background in breathing you’ll learn breathing techniques that help throughout pregnancy, labour and birth. You’ll also experience the deep, relaxing power of yoga nidra (yoga sleep) at the end of each class and then go home fortified with tea and biscuits!

Telephone Number: 

07980 648892



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