Earth Shakti Yoga

Earth Shakti Yoga is about coming home to ourselves as part of our great Mother Earth. To feel that union through:

- Breath work (breathing her into our bodies) & Bandha (internal locks to direct energy flow)

- Fluid movement (awakening dormant energy, shifting stagnant energy & blockages & growing our energetic roots into the Earth and drawing her energy into us)

- Stillness (resting on her, letting her hold us and letting go).

It is about connecting to our Shakti, the energy of creative life force that pulses through every one of us.

The practice is rooted in traditional yogic techniques and takes the form of slow flowing sequences, perfect for anyone of any level including beginners. The class encourage's fluid movement through lying, seated and standing sequences at a steady pace to build both strength and flexibility. As we flow there is also a focus on our energetic body through breath work and bandha, building strength and power deep within our source. We are able to really take the time to breathe deeply into areas of tension, nourish our cells with prana (life force energy) and enter a space of deep movement meditation and relaxation through fluid movement and stillness.

The practice pays special attention to earth and lunar rhythms and seasons, women will be invited to work in tune with their own personal cycle or season (wherever it's at) for greater health, nourishment and well being. For both men and women this is a mindful practice to feel ourselves stepping into rhythm with our natural environment and come home to ourselves as part of our great Mother Earth.

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