Here I list profiles and classes shared by teachers that I have trained. If you are looking for a teacher who offers yoga classes specially for women, then this is the place to search. These teachers are running classes for general women's yoga, yoga for fertility, yoga for menstrual health, pregnancy yoga, yoga for labour and birth, postnatal yoga and yoga to support menopausal experiences.  They are also teaching general classes and retreats and yoga therapy for women's health issues, all  informed by a feminine understanding of what is good yoga practice for women at all stages of our lives. So you are in safe hands with these teachers. 

Please note that I do not operate a franchise or licensing system.

I do not enjoy the kind of restrictions and limitations under which people who work within such systems are placed.  

I have chosen not to trademark my work, and I do not enforce strict rules about how it is used and what can be done with the material I share.  

My trainings are about empowering teachers to discover their own response to the experience of yoga for women.

This means that each teacher here is drawing upon the deep and inexhaustible wellspring of her own creative response. I do not prescribe set sequences for the teachers who train with me to learn by rote and replicate. On the contrary, each woman here is offering yoga straight from her heart, and each one has her own interpretation and understanding of what she may have learnt from me.  So every one is different. And every class is different. This is good news. What we have here is an inclusive and celebratory constellation of shining yoginis.  

I trust that each teacher in her own way honours the fundamental tenets of the womb yoga that I share - that their yoga is nurturing, nourishing, re-vitalising and totally appropriate to the individuals in the classes.

ENJOY your yoga experience with these amazing yoginis!


Teachers -  If you have trained with me and aren't on this list, or you haven't received an invitation to be on this list then please get in touch and we'll sort that out for you :)


A circle of women sharing knowledge, wisdom and experience is a powerful form of Satsang (company of the wise). This yoga of sharing supports our own journeys as we help others with theirs. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli


STOP PRESS  - We are working to create an online satsang (company of the wise) where teachers can have questions answered, share best practice and resolve difficulties that may arise during their teaching. The forum will be moderated by senior trainers, and questions answered by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. This process is underway and we hope to offer the service to you shortly. If you would like to receive information about this exciting project, including online monthly webinars and question and answer sessions, please sign up for the womb yoga newsletter on the home page of this site.  THANK YOU