Yoga therapy

Yoga therapy aims to integrate traditional yogic concepts and techniques with Western medical and psychological knowledge to address specific human ailments especially chronic in nature. It tries to address the illness or discomfort in a holistic, multi-dimensional way by using non-invasive and complementary tools. It can be used to manage the illness as well as encouraging healing at all levels to deliver physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

The Yoga Therapy workshops are given in Crete in a natural retreat near the clear blue sea.
The 5-6 days Yoga Therapy Workshops are :
1. Yoga for Muscular Imbalances
2. How to make a personalized 1-2-1 Yoga Session
3. Yoga for Medical Conditions
4. Yoga for Womens Health

Classes offered
- Yoga for adults and children (group and 1-2-1 sessions)
- Yoga retreats
- Pregnancy Yoga and birth/labour support
- Yoga therapy

My focus during 1-2-1 session is in understanding the individual client's need. I work with my clients so that they can develop tools and confidence to facilitate healing and manage their individual health issues with the help of yoga therapy.

A class for women either pre or post natal, come and restore vitality, practice gentle postures and immerse yourself in wonderful relaxations.
Suitable for all women with children (in or out of the womb space)

Womb Yoga Monthly Class (4th Friday)
8.15 - 9.45
Well-Woman Yoga to support, nourish and benefit you in whatever way feels right.
Classes include (in no particular order and depending on the needs on the night) gentle flowing yoga, pranayama, mudras, chanting, meditation, yoga nidra and tea and chocolate to finish.
Suitable for all, the only pre-requisite is being a woman.

This restorative class is suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender or flexibility. It is the most ideal choice if you are feeling tired, have reduced mobility or suffer from chronic pain or illness as we use props, chairs and plenty of deeply relaxing floor work.

I teach according to how students are feeling on the day...

Come along if you would like to:

Strengthen your core muscles
Alleviate stress, tension and pain
Be patient and kind with yourself
Discover more about your inner being
Clear your mind and refresh your spirit.

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