Yoga for birth preparation

Pregnancy yoga offers a very nurturing and enjoyable practice, with focus on breath, movement, postures, and relaxation to adapt to the specific needs of the pregnant woman. It works with the physical and emotional changes the body experiences throughout the different stages of pregnancy, helping to prepare for the birthing process and beyond. It works like all yoga to develop strength and stamina, and to enhance vitality and well being.

Preparation for Birth- Yoga classes designed to give tools and skills for a positive birthing experience.

I offer Birth Workshops for couples. A very practical 3 hour session on all you need to know about labour and birthing. It includes yoga postures and breathwork taught in the pregnancy classes. The birthing partner becomes a valuable and helpful support for the mum-to-be.

An opportunity to learn practical skills and to help prepare you and your birth partner to birth your baby.

During the workshop, you will learn:

- effective positions/movements for the first stage of labour.

- natural birthing positions for the second stage.

- breathing techniques for labour and birth to reduce pain & anxiety.

- how your partner can support and assist you.

- how to encourage an optimal foetal position before labour commences.

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