New reprint! Teach Yourself Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth books have arrived

Thu, 2013-11-21 10:23

Hari Om Dear Yoginis, Hurrah! Well here is some surprising news: Just arrived here today are the fine new reprints of the second edition of Teach Yourself Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth. The last printiing had sold out and the books had been unavailable for a few months (couldn't find them for love nor money ANYWHERE). So I am delighted to have received this batch now, and those of you who were disappointed not to be able to find them can rest assured we can ship them off to you immediately - just order as usual through the shop (buy products). Brand new signed copies for all, and eery lovely they are too! So signing off now, I send you misty morning greetings from Stroud, where I am glad to be back home after a busy schedule over in Italy and up in London, sharing womb yoga and total yoga nidra, on the road, for the past few months. And now back to the task in hand, preparing for imminent printing of the new book Yoni Shakti! You can pre-order at - just search for YONI! JAI MA!