Imbolc Freeze

20 February 2019 //
Imbolc Greetings! As I travel across snowy fields on the train from Manchester back to Stroud, I observe the freezing landscape and the way this cold changes how we humans behave. Even as we head towards the start of a return to light, there is a cold dark presence of winter still, and death is close too. Like so many other of her admiring readers around the world, I mourn the loss of the great American poet, Mary Oliver, and give thanks for the beauty and wisdom she leaves us. I take comfort in the deep knowing of the earth which she communicated, and I praise the deep connections of love and friendship that persist and nourish me through this work.

Rest is the Essence of Giving and Receiving

27 November 2018 //
Tropical greetings to the web of yoginis around the world. Writing this from the porch of a villa in Kerala, South India, hearing the sound of the Indian Ocean, and feeling the warm breezes of a tropical winter night, I am fully aware of the deep privilege and honour that it is to share these precious teachings of Yoni Shakti and blood wisdom mysteries around the world. The web of women weaving this rediscovery of ancient wisdom and the new paradigms for sharing it is a powerful connecting thread that I travel along, spinning connections like a hardworking little spider, wherever I go.

Are you ready to do you your fertility journey different?

18 October 2018 //
Do you have a desire in your soul to be a mom, have a healthy pregnancy, and hold a beautiful baby in your arms? I want to tell you that this dream is absolutely possible! Even if you’ve.. tried everything been told you’re “too old” faced reproductive health challenges have concerns and fears about giving birth and/or being a mom.. Pregnancy is Possible

Sharing the Harvest

4 October 2018 //
Welcome back Mother’s Breath! In the spirit of sharing the harvest, I’m smilingly delighted to announce that after a very long absence out of print, Mother’s Breath is now available to buy as truly beautiful e-book! Hurrah! Here she is.

Yoga & The Subtle Body, A FREE Online Gathering

22 August 2018 //
As you know, there is so much more to life than what meets the eye. Yoga and modern scientific discoveries tell us everything is energy, and everything has its roots in the invisible realms. We are SO much more than our physical form! As we deepen our practice of yoga we experience ourselves on increasingly subtle levels, and it is these subtle layers of our being that dictate our state of health and wellbeing. Learning to understand and work with the subtle body is vital to create the healing and change we wish to experience in ourselves and the world.

The Holy Unknowing

13 August 2018 //
This beautiful prayer was sent to me by Lela Beem, of Amala School of Yoga in Chicago. It arrived just as I just returned from teaching in Leeds, where I had been sharing a day of support for women experiencing fertility difficulties. The message of this prayer resonated with me very powerfully.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift

18 July 2018 //
Dear womb Yoginis Warm greetings from Buddhafield, where the gathering of conscious hearts is happening, and we are sharing Yoga Nidra every morning. Settling in here after a full power womb yoga training intensive in Stroud, I am still feeling the powerful conversations that we opened up at our #metooinyoga circle in London at the beginnning of June. Thanks to Theo Wildcroft and Eunice Laurel for holding with me a clear safe space for these important issues around abuses of power in yoga to be considered. We will be reporting further on how the conversations unfolded.

Something More Must Happen

14 June 2018 //
Standing up for the truth… Direct Action. When we stand up for what we believe in, an enormous energy and courage comes to support us. I’m honouring, in this newsletter the courage of my dear friends Lucy and Sid. Lucy Crisfield, my very wonderful Sanskrit teacher and the mother of two beautiful young children, is standing up for what she believes in by providing the support and heartfelt love that enables her partner Sid to do a very extraordinary thing…

Calling all Yoginis to Womb Yoga Summer USA Tour

8 June 2018 //
I am counting down the days until I leave for the US to bring all of you the invitation for a warm welcome back home to yourself and stepping into your cycles as women through the portal of Womb Yoga and Yoga Nidra. I have shared all details of the tour in this newsletter. My hope is to see, weave and co-create with you while I am there!

We promise to keep treating your details responsibly

24 May 2018 //
Although there’s a change coming in data regulations, our commitment to protecting your data will never change. We take privacy very seriously and always manage your data responsibly. Our mission is sharing Yoga medicine for Women's Health and Well-being and we do this through different channels to ensure our local and international communities can access Yoga for Women in multiple forms including courses (both in person and online), trainings and online resources.