Womb Yoga brings us home to ourselves as women. To honour the natural cycles of our womb life is to dance in time with the cosmic rhythms of the universe.

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Welcome to Womb Yoga

Womb yoga is my term for yoga to nourish every aspect of our lives as women, whether we have a womb, or not, whether we menstruate, or not, and whether we are mothers, maidens, enchantresses or crones!

Womb yoga enables us to re-connect joyfully with naturally arising inner wisdom, insight and vitality. It is both delicious and profoundly nourishing. It is healing and vitalising.

To practice Womb Yoga is to honour and embrace the original blood wisdom of your womb, or womb space energies, as the source of feminine intuition, connection, creativity and nurture.

Womb Yoga is an evolving therapeutic approach to yoga specially developed to support women’s health and healing over the past fifteen  years by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. Women’s retreats, individual sessions, training courses for yoga teachers, classes, workshops and camps all give access to the practices of Womb Yoga at many different levels of experience and connection.

Womb Yoga is a simple, subtle and delightful route to access feminine spiritual authority, a powerful set of techniques and attitudes for all women to use on their journeys toward spiritual empowerment, self acceptance and contentment. This site provides a guide to this practice, access to teachers all over the world who are sharing this work, and resources to support your practice of womb yoga.  You will also find here listings of my own trainings, retreats and workshops to share this work.  it is work I do with great joy, for I see how it nurtures, supports and empowers womn and girls of all ages!

I am delighted to report that the complete written and illustrated reference guide to the practice of womb yoga is now available! It's a seven hundred page book that's entitled Yoni Shakti: a woman's guide to power and freedom through yoga and tantra. This book has her own website;  www.yonishakti.co which I invite you to visit and enjoy. You can purchase Yoni Shakti in the Womb Yoga Shop.