Source Power Yoga | PHOENIX, USA

Sunday 22 October 2017 | 10am – 5:30pm 

with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

a Private Venue in Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Awakening the Healing Power of Prana Shakti
Morning Session: 10am – 1:30pm

Consciously invite prana shakti (the power of the life force) to enter, inhabit and revitalize every dimension of your being. Practice rhythmic, luscious movements to entice energy to circulate freely within the physical body. Reconnect to the presence of yonisthana: the source of power within. Feel how feminine pranayama welcomes vitality, mental clarity and openheartedness. Celebrate a joyful return to your own true nature with a nurturing Total Yoga Nidra practice and arise with the nourishing sounds of bija mantras, bhramari and chants to the divine feminine. What a treat to enjoy these rejuvenatory practices  and the pure delight of sharing the source of life in community with our circles.

“In Source Power Yoga every single part of the body is moved rhythmically with conscious attention as a meditative awakening of human potential. Optimal vitality, freedom in range of movement, strength and joyful resilience are cultivated through these beautiful practices.” Uma Dinsmore-Tuli


Source Power Yoga: Rivers of Honey in the Land of your Body
Afternoon Session: 2:30pm – 5:30pm

A fully embodied and juicy encounter with empowerment: the practices shared in this workshop enable you to live free and fully awakened to the immense potential of your true nature: to become alive to the source of your being and nourish your heart. Experience the sweet-honeyed flow of serpentine and fluid movements that awaken the entire physical body to the flow of energy (Shakti) and set her free to energize and nourish. There will be accessible, nurturing shakti bandhas to boost vitality. The movements are combined with powerful energizing breaths, deep nurture, poetry, song, sound and meditations that are rooted in the wisdom practices of yoga tantra. You’ll also enjoy settling into the safely held space of a healing Total Yoga Nidra practice and the pure delight of sharing the source of life in community with our circles.

“Source Power Yoga reconnects us to the source of our being - welcome home!” Uma Dinsmore-Tuli 


Everyone welcome - no experience necessary. Open to both men and women. 


Uma’s workshops are nourishing, irreverent, friendly, welcoming, challenging and hugely delightful fun. Her teaching style is open to responsive, intuitive attunements and adjustments to meet the specific needs of those attending giving time for questions and answers and discussion.

This qualifies for Continuing Education credit with the Yoga Alliance.


Cost and Bookings

Space is limited; book in advance to secure your spot. 

The cost for this day is: $150 or $260 if booked together with the Womb Yoga day 21 October
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Sunday, October 22, 2017


Are you pregnant? Breastfeeding? Do you have young children? Or perhaps you want to know more about your eligibility – Please see our Statement of Inclusion page which is a genuine welcome from Uma and details the appropriate support for women considering attending any of her courses.

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