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Abhijeeta Saraswati


I began practising yoga and meditation when I was 19. I have been teaching Satyananda Yoga (Bihar School of Yoga) for the past 11 years, for 5 of which I owned and ran a Yoga & Holistic Therapy centre in London. I am a dedicated yogi and karma sannyasin. I love teaching yoga and seeing the transforming effects that yoga has on the students (and me!). I practice yoga daily and I believe that yoga is for everyone. It is my goal to pass on the ancient knowledge of yoga, so others can experience the true spirit of yoga and begin to integrate some of this wisdom into their lives. I teach general yoga, pregnancy yoga, preparation for birth, post-natal yoga and yoga for children and run workshops and retreats (both general and specifically for women - see www.wombsong.weebly.com) For some years, and particularly since my initiation into motherhood in 2011, I have been passionate about empowering myself and other women to activate and heal our wombs to realise our full potential as Divine Women. Women who are in deep womb resonance will birth a new human society that will restore our connection to the web of life over time. When we heal ourselves, we heal the planet. HARI OM TAT SAT

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01323 815 729 / 07940 470 072

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  • Postnatal yoga
  • Pregnancy Yoga


8a Laughton Lodge
East Sussex
BN8 6By
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
United Kingdom