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Carly Slade


Carly is a musician, yoga teacher, rewilding advocate and women’s circle facilitator with a passion for yoga nidra, yoga for women’s health and menstruality and a deep love for music and nature (especially dogs, trees, mountain music and the moon). Carly runs Moon Forest Flow from her caravan in the English countryside. Moon Forest Flow is an intuitive, feminine and environmentally aware approach to yoga and women's circles that seeks to reawaken the primal knowledge of fluid power, deep rest and the importance of living in tune with our inner rhythms and the rhythms of nature. Moon Forest Flow promotes the rewilding of women and nature and the embodiment of our cyclical wisdom through honouring and celebrating the phases of the moon, the seasons and cycles of nature and the flow of all life. We retreat to the moon lodge, delve into the forest and surrender to the flow to reconnect to the simplicity of a wilder life and find sacred soulfulness in every moment.

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  • Yoga therapy


Milton Keynes
United Kingdom