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Kula yoga - Emma Lapidus


Born and raised on the beautiful island of jersey. My love for yoga started at an early age. I fell in love with yoga when I started taking classes with my mum often being the youngest in the class. I then went to university where I carried on exploring my practice. Having grown up by the sea - surfing was a part of my life. The rythmn and flow of the ocean had something quite magical about it and went hand in hand with my yoga practice. Mother nature remains my eternal inspiration and practicing yoga on the beach is one of the most liberating and grounding things to do. I carried on my practice, taking regular workshops, and studied with the British wheel of yoga foundation before going to Bali to complete my Vinyasa Flow training. I completed my pregnancy yoga training with Uma, which was a amazing experience and has changed the way I teach, nurturing and honouring the body. I use a very intuitive approach when it comes to teaching - a joyful, encouraging, compassionate and gentle approach that can deepen self-enquiry. It’s about the experience of each individual. My approach to yoga comes from listening to the body. I'm a very spiritual person and have been known for my healing touch. Being in tune with the mind and body, creating a meditative consciousness. I want my students to feel immense love, joy and self-acceptance for themselves when practicing yoga. I take them on a journey of the body, breath and an opening of the mind's eye to feel and connect with this, allowing the breath to move freely through the body. Yoga for me is about riding the wave of life, embracing those bumps with ease and satisfaction.

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  • Pregnancy Yoga


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