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Ishwari is the spiritual name given to Emma Turnbull in 2009 by her guru Swami Satsangi. In 2011 Ishwari was given Karma Sannyasa diksha, a real honour and privilege which means that Ishwari is dedicated to living a yogic lifestyle to the best of her abilities and committed also to teaching yoga. Ishwari had already been practicing yoga and teaching for some time when she discovered Satyananda yoga in 2006, this discovery changed the course and direction of her life she is now deeply involved with Satyananda yoga and is a disciple of the tradition. The main aim of Ishwari’s work is teaching yoga through weekly classes, workshops and courses, with a particular interest in Women's yoga and teaching women how to empower themselves my linking to their own cycle and the cycles around them.

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01621 743710

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  • Well-woman yoga (fertility)
  • Well-woman yoga (menstrual health and menopause)


10 Bakersfield
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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