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Theodora Wildcroft


Personally, I had been teaching for a few years and practicing regularly myself for nearly a decade when the strong, alignment focused practice I had been doing began to feel wrong for my body. I was tired every time I came to my mat and I could find no more will to push myself further. I needed a practice that I could teach and explore for the decades ahead of me. And I had students that were saying the same. Womb Yoga is a practice that dives deep into the specific challenges and joys of a yoga practice truly responsive to a female body. The more I practice and the more I teach this way, the more I am aware of how much we've been missing in yoga. Connecting with Uma's teaching is connecting to a whole community of souls passionate about yoga that celebrates all that we are, especially on the days when we feel less than perfect. These days I teach mostly general yoga sessions and therapeutic yoga (especially for special needs). Every session includes practices I have been gifted by Uma and the rest of the Womb Yoga team. Male or female, I haven't found a student yet who doesn't benefit from it.

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07818 401110

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  • Well-woman yoga (fertility)
  • Well-woman yoga (menstrual health and menopause)


SN11 0DE
United Kingdom