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Laura Tonello


Laura Tonello lives in the North East of Italy, Rovereto, in Trentino province. Laura is a translator, a pregnancy yoga instructor and a menstrual educator with a degree in theology and a diploma in sex education. She is mother to three sons. Currently she works in collaboration with the “Acqua che Balla” (Dancing Water) Association in Trento (www.acquacheballa.it). In addition to her work as a translator, Laura organises and manages regular seminars and events on self-empowerment for women, promoting self-awareness through deeper understanding of the menstrual cycle as well as leading weekly classes in pregnancy and post natal yoga. Laura trained as a pregnancy yoga teacher with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, and organised and translated the Womb Yoga-Womb Wisdom retreats with Alexandra Pope and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli at the Tibetan Buddhist Centre Kushi Ling in Arco (Trento, Italy).  In collaboration with Jane Bennet, Laura completed her program for mothers and daughters on the passage into puberty marked by the onset of menstruation, Menarch, called “Celebration Day for Girls”. Laura was one of the first intake of women to complete Alexandra Pope's pioneering  “Women's Quest, Women's Leadership Apprenticeship Training”, a programme of feminine empowerment through awareness of the menstrual cycle. Throughout her career, Laura has continued to deepen her understanding and practice of yoga, meditation and psychotherapy. This has led her to offer regular classes of Womb Yoga for pregnant women, post natal yoga, seminars with mothers and daughters called “Celebration Day for Girls” (http://celebrationdayforgirls.com) and she offers the Menarche Ritual as one-day workshop for women. Laura has also created a nine month program called “Cerchio Rosso” (Red Circle), which she runs regularly in Italy to promote the practice of the female cyclic nature based on the awareness of the menstrual cycle.

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+39 348 9212552

Training courses attended: 

  • Early years yoga
  • Postnatal yoga
  • Pregnancy Yoga
  • Well-woman yoga (menstrual health and menopause)
  • Yoga for birth


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