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Sophie Leone


My name is Sophie. I vibrate, I buzz, I am living. I spread smiles and tantrums. I teach yoga. Yoga for women. Yoga for pregnancy. I’m not often serious… but I have to tell you: I have a dream – and this dream is for every woman to wake up knowing, understanding, loving and feeling their true selves. For every woman to be empowered by the value they bring to their soul and therefore the world around them. And no matter whether I am chatting, writing, teaching, or laughing, this message is at the heart of everything I do. We are too good to waste on the rubbish we fear and worry about. I want to inspire the art. Inspire the possibilities. Curiosity. Free women to tell their stories. To find their best way of telling it Before you tell it, you have to open up. Are you curious as to what’s really inside? Who are you? What are you made of? Are you in? Friendships. Heartbreaks. Shame. Love. Fear. Yoga. Children. Rebirth. Life as a continuum. Life is a dance. Life is a play. Life is play. Life is about injecting some fun. I am here to help you find a place within you where there’s a bit of space, a bit of freedom, and reclaiming that part that was lost before all the serious stuff of life got in the way. I am here to help you reeeeeeelax. We breathe every day, but we don’t really know it. I’m here to show you what breath is. The magic stuff. The key in.

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07989 249 866

Training courses attended: 

  • Pregnancy Yoga


Martlesham Heath
United Kingdom