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Rebecca Poyurs


Yoga on the mat is a sacred space where we can shed our protective exterior and just be with ourselves in a deeply personal and healing way. I offer classes that are devoted to creating a place in which we can channel energy towards transformative and life enhancing means. This is done through intention, dedication, conscious breath, sound and movements that reflect self care in the truth of the moment. My yogic approach to pregnancy is that it is a time of joy and the embodiment of unconditional love as you grow your beautiful baby and embrace the journey into motherhood. Through pregnancy yoga, you are able to honour and respect the physical and emotional changes that occur in a supportive environment as well as form positive affirmations and empowering tools to support you during labour and birth. With close to 10 years of devotion and dedication to the practice, my intention is to infuse the teachings of yoga with the journey of life, inspiring the community to elevate personal, spiritual and professional growth one serene breath at a time. With your dedication and patience to the practice, you can explore a deeper connection to self love and acceptance and to the people and the world around you, leaving you feeling empowered and awakened to the beauty of life.

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  • Pregnancy Yoga


United Kingdom