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jessie Atkinson


J E S S I E is a 200hr Practices of Leadership and Empowerment & Well Woman Womb Yoga Alliance Teacher, Yin yoga teacher and a passionate Restorative practition, also currently studying to become an Ayurvedic Counsellor. Drawing on the wisdom of the body & the elements, Jessie teaches a uid, nourishing, feminine practice, combining asana, breath and meditation that meets you right where you are. Jessie invites you to connect your feet to the earth, welcome each breath, feel your juicy energetic ow and discover your true, radiant self both on and o the mat. In 2016, Jessie created Network Gratitude East London as a balance to our hyperactive city lives. (a)NGEL o ers conscious space for London women to come together, be still & heal as we reconnect with the natural rhythms & our feminine essence. When pure energy plus pure being unites in consciousness, we are practicing the magic of yoga!

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  • Well-woman yoga (fertility)
  • Well-woman yoga (menstrual health and menopause)


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E11 3RB
United Kingdom
E11 3RB
United Kingdom