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Emma Cole Yoga


I have always loved natural, expressive organic movement as the soul's expression and before becoming a Yoga Teacher I trained and worked as a Professional Dancer mainly in Opera Productions. To supplement my income as a freelance Dancer, I also waited my fair share of tables in restaurants, pulled numerous pints in pubs, cleaned houses, sat for hours at desks doing Data Entry, obtained a Teaching qualification in Education, worked my butt off as a Supply Teacher in Inner City Secondary Schools and then, was able to follow my heart to train as a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher. Alongside all of this, I continued to seek out enlightening somatic experiences through dance Improvisation, 'release technique' (profound movement freedom and expression through imagery, sensitivity and play) and the Feldenkrais Method® (heightening awareness of movement, breathing and posture to brings us closer to realising our full human potential). On discovering Womb Yoga with Uma I felt a bright, warm & deep glow of inner knowing. Uma inspires all women to evolve their intuitive inner wisdom and yearning towards a gentle, feminine nurturing, embodied, awake and aware approach to yoga practice. I am now moved to share these teachings, totally blessed and delighted to teach Womb Yoga Classes & Workshops.

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07908 814202

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  • Well-woman yoga (fertility)
  • Well-woman yoga (menstrual health and menopause)


East Sussex
United Kingdom
White Hart Barn
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
United Kingdom