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Kate Codrington


“I want every woman to feel comfortable in her skin and to enjoy the experience of being alive in her body.” I have spent my life learning how to feel whole and comfortable in my body and I share the lessons I have learned through working with massage and Womb Yoga. My adventures have brought me more than 20 years of working with women using massage and bodywork. My yoga practice and the massage and bodywork I receive for myself interweave to inform my body and so my clients get the benefit too! Women come to me at transition points in their lives from concerns about fertility through to menopause. More than ever it is crucial that we find ways to be present in our bodies listen to the quiet (and sometimes less quiet!) messages our bodies have for us. Only through listening to our own rhythm with kindness and respect can we find ways to feel truly alive in ourselves. At Woman Kind retreats we bring together womb yoga, self-care massage and cycle awareness to create a truly nourishing space for women of all ages.

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07813 402477

Training courses attended: 

  • Well-woman yoga (fertility)
  • Well-woman yoga (menstrual health and menopause)


Capel Rd
WD19 4FE
United Kingdom
United Kingdom