Practical Hypnosis for Birth with Total Yoga Nidra | STROUD

28 – 29 October 2017 | Saturday 10:30 – 18:00 and Sunday 10:00 – 15:00

with Nirlipta Tuli

at Sitaram Studio, Tanglewood, Gunhouse Lane, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2DB


A two day instructional, theoretical and experiential course for those working with pregnant women and their partners

There are two main components, which are the birth rehearsal and total yoga nidra for pregnancy, labour and birth. This course is useful both for those beginning to work with pregnant women and for those who already do (and may already have had participated in childbirth education, hypnobirthing and yoga for pregnancy courses). It is designed to be significantly more than simply being an adjunct to such training, by not only consolidating previous training, enhancing and reframing it, but also delivering new and original material in a context valuable from the perspective of a pregnant woman and her birthing partner.


Summary of what will be taught:

First part, a comprehensive demonstration of a 4 hour birth rehearsal with detailed notes and scripts so that couples preparing for labour can practically get ready in  the best possible ways for normal physiological labour  and birth; second part, total yoga nidra and clinical hypnosis combined comprehensively.

Birth rehearsal
So that participants fully understand the concerns and questions likely to arise from pregnant women and their partners).
a four hour practical birth rehearsal focussing on normal physiological labour without intervention, from the perspective of a couple in labour.
There will be a focus also on the role of the partner in labour, his or her queries and anxieties soothed and answered, and also how they can be both a hands on support, and understanding when to step back to give the woman space to labour in her own way.
It will focus on how both applied yoga and childbirth education strategically delivered can actually facilitate  easier and less tiring movement of the woman in labour, types of contractions, their lengths, intensities as well as effective tried and tested ways of dealing with them, etc., pain, its role in labour and ways of utilising rather than being overwhelmed by it. 
The possible lengths of labour, of how pacing, resting and moving can help, as well as possible strategies when things seem to spiral out of control are looked at. This is, from the viewpoint of the couple a practical rehearsal of labour with just enough theory so that why the things they are doing make sense.

Hypnosis for birth
This involves an integrated dual approach. 
Firstly, that of formal clinical hypnosis; its theory, relevant techniques and practical application in labour and birth.
Second, the total yoga nidra approach devised by Nirlipta over a period of 10 years seeing many hundreds of couples who had their babies birthed in some of the busiest and oldest maternity hospitals and units in the country, such as St Thomas' Hospital, King's College Hospital, St George's Hospital, Queen Charlotte's Hospital, The Elizabeth Garrett maternity unit at University College Hospital and at the Edgware Birth Centre.
These two approaches are combined over the two days in a unique and user friendly fashion.


The total yoga nidra practices devised by Nirlipta, and which will be delivered on the course, are tried and tested. There will be in addition  relevant real life hypnotic techniques for labour, pain management, time distortion (e.g., shortening subjective perception of lengths of contractions and lengthening the resting periods between them). The nidra techniques will include comprehensive labour rehearsals, specific visualisations for pregnancy, labour and birth, feeling safe and able to rest deeply. They have proved to be extremely user friendly and effective in real life situations.

There will be detailed notes, scripts and protocols as well as recordings of some of the sessions from the course. Part of the course will be a dialogue between Nirlipta and the participants, involving clarifying queries to do with the topics covered.


Venue and Accommodation

Key features: 

  • Small groups 
  • Deeper intimate connection with the practices 
  • Home ambience 
  • A gentle approach with one of the founders of Total Yoga Nidra 

This course is held in our home in Stroud and run by Nirlipta. The group sizes are smaller than those held elsewhere. The numbers are limited to a maximum of 15 participants. Because the workshop is held in our own home studio, where we often ‘test run’ much of what we teach, it facilitates a sense of intimate connection to the practices. 

    Nirlipta is the co-creator of Total Yoga Nidra and the deep, intimate, gentle and nurturing approach to Yoga Nidra he shares is something that is conducive to healing, resting and rejuvenation. 

    In addition there is wonderful home cooking (lunches are included) there is usually a lovely and cosy woodburner blazing merrily away, as well as the possibility of walking in adjacent fields and woods. 

    Because this venue in Stroud is Uma and Nirlipta's home. Please note that you are welcome to arrive up to 30min before the course start time, but not before then.

    Accommodation is not included in this course, but there are number of local options. Contact details for B&Bs recommended by previous students, and also accommodation with the very lovely Cistercian Sisters, our neighbours at the Brownshill Monastery can be found on our Course Practical Details (Stroud) PDF


    Cost and Booking

    The cost of the course is £218 which includes all tuition, lunches, refreshments and audio recordings.

    To book your place contact Sivani Mata on


    Saturday, October 28, 2017 to Sunday, October 29, 2017


    Are you pregnant? Breastfeeding? Do you have young children? Or perhaps you want to know more about your eligibility – Please see our Statement of Inclusion page which is a genuine welcome from Uma and details the appropriate support for women considering attending any of her courses.

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