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learning to teach together in stroudMy intention with all the training courses and events is to share knowledge with clarity, generosity and respect. I teach straight from the heart, with the aid of high quality training materials and intelligently responsive scheduling that provides an effective structure for learning. The support of the training group and the karmic connections and resonances which each group brings creates an often magically empowering and nurturing environment in which to learn and share. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Dates for all courses can be found on the events page of this site. 



Womb Yoga Training Programme

This is a comprehensive training programme which empowers yoga teachers to share positive yoga and yoga therapy for a wide range of women's health issues throughout the whole of a woman's life. It is comprised of four separate but interconnected training courses, and each one stands alone, but often teachers with a passion for this field eventually take all the courses, sometimes close together, and sometimes spread over a period of many years, depending on what suits them best. These courses developed over the past ten years, one at a time, and I have only recently renamed them as the cogent set of inter-related trainings which they comprise:

Womb Yoga 1: Nurture - Yoga for pregnancy & birth

This course offers a comprehensive training in teaching yoga for pregnancy and birth. It also includes a day on postnatal recovery for the first twelve weeks after birth.

Womb Yoga 2: Harvest and thanksgiving - Integrated yoga for mother and baby from birth - four years

This course offers a comprehensive training in teaching integrated yoga practices for postnatal mothers and their children from birth to four. It also includes techniques for family yoga sessions, including fathers, other relatives and older siblings.

Womb Yoga 3: Respect, honour and support - Well woman yoga therapy

When offered in London, where I teach it together with Ruth Gilmore, this course is one of the elective modules of the Yoga Therapy Diploma organised by Yoga Campus. It offers a comprehensive training in yoga therapy for women's health, including the topics of fertility, prolapse, perimenopause, and osteoporosis. It includes key mantras, mudras and meditations for honouring the divind feminine principlem, and takes awarness of Prana Shakti as a starting point for any successful yoga therapy.

Also on offer: Teach Yoga Nidra

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London classes

During times when I am in London running training courses, I usually offer a Saturday evening two hour Womb Yoga session. These sessions are held in really wonderful venues, usually either The Life Centre in Islington, or the Kagyu Samye Dzong Tibetan Buddhist Centre in Bermondsey.

For regular London weekly classes in Pregnancy Yoga and Postnatal Recovery Yoga with babies, please visit the listing of teachers I have trained, there are many gifted and marvellous teachers sharing yoga in London and environs.  


Workshops with Uma

If some of the topics of my trainings, retreats and workshops resonate with you and you would like to provide an opportunity to share this work with the women in your community, please contact me and I will be pleased to discuss the options for bringining my work to you. In the first instance, please email Thank you. 


Classes Worldwide

Several hundred teachers from over twenty different countries have trained with me in the Womb Yoga approach to yoga for women, and offer their own Pregnancy Yoga, Women's yoga, Postnatal recovery and baby yoga classes in the UK and abroad. Currently the most up-to-date listing of those teachers who have uploaded information about their classes can be found on the teacher's profiles page of this site.