Spring Newsletter

30 March 2016 //
MARCH SPRING NEWSLETTER: Sunny blue-sky greetings to you from County Clare in the west of Ireland. All loving brightness to you at this magical time of year, as we reach out from the balance of the Spring Equinox towards lengthening days and the promise of summer.   There have been still a few squally days, with sleet and fierce rains, and a wild gale blew us over the sea to land here in the Spring time.
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The Ninth Storm

9 February 2016 //
FEBRUARY WOMB YOGA NEWSLETTER: When the high tide meets floodwater From the ninth storm, Where does it all go? Rushing in torrents down the narrow valley, Filling fields, washing roads, drowning paths. Fences are disappearing, Trees are up to their necks, And there are swans in the street. The sea is coming to meet the river. Before the river gets to the sea, And the earth is underwater..
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Happy New Year Greetings - Welcome to the edge of 2016

23 January 2016 //
JANUARY NEWSLETTER "May my mind come alive today To the invisible geographies that call me to new frontiers; To break the dead shell of yesterdays, To risk being disturbed and changed. May I have the courage today To live the life that I would love, To postpone my dream no longer, But to do at last what I came here for, And waste my heart on fear no more." ('A Morning Offering' in Benedictus, by John O'Donohue)
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Samhain Bleed

1 December 2015 //
I was honoured to spend my fiftieth birthday Samhain (Hallowe’en) bleed in the company of the Irish yoginis in Dublin, my mother’s hometown. The insights from that powerful time of the Celtic new year, linked my heart and source to the women everywhere who are doing such vital work on behalf of our girls and women, and for our planet.

Big full moon Guru Purina Greeting to you

31 July 2015 //
Under the fullness of this big Summer moon, I send greetings to you from the Stroud valleys, where I am back home to run a womb yoga training next week after teaching at the very special Buddhafield festival. This is Guru purnima - the full moon for celebrating the teachers and the teachings we have been blessed to receive, and to honour the light of the inner teacher that shines within our hears.

Summer Greetings...

4 June 2015 //
I am just back from an extraordinary time in Lesvos, where I was studying yoga with inspirational elder yogini and yogi, Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten The work in the goddess temple (aka yoga hall) was heart-opening and remarkable, but the heart-opening work continued every day outside of our front doors, for on the beaches of Lesvos are arriving every day, boatloads of refugees: from Syria, from Palestine, from Nigeria, from Afghanistan…

Yoni Shakti sold out!

14 October 2014 //
REPRINTING NOW AND E-BOOK OUT I’m truly delighted to let you know that the Yoni Shakti ebook is now available to buy online
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Yoni Shakti comes to the London Yoga Show

14 October 2014 //
I’ll be signing copies of Yoni Shakti on Saturday afternoon (October 25th, 2pm at the Yogamatters stand) at the Yoga Show, and teaching a special Yoni Shakti session, along with some great restorative and yoga nidra sessions every day of the show. So if you are in London, do come along, and pick up a copy (or three!) for your friends, relatives and students. They will be on sale at a great show discount of £20 per copy, and I promise to sign your copy for you with a big JAI MAA! on the front page if you like.
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How is your copy of Yoni Shakti?

14 October 2014 //
Sadly, due to an error at the printers, one batch of copies of the first printing of Yoni Shakti are not wearing very well: a few readers have reported that the cover lamination has peeled apart and the colour pages have come adrift. If your copy shows these symptoms, then please can you send a photograph of the book to the very lovely Zoe ( who will be happy to send you one of the top quality new copies when they are ready to go.
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THANK YOU for your reviews…

14 October 2014 //
It’s been really heart warming to read the twenty-seven beautiful five star reviews up on Amazon. I am deeply grateful to those of you who have taken the time to write such lovely testimonials: many many thanks to you. It is so helpful to spread the word about this book in this way, so that others can get the good news too!
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