Womb Yoga Coming Back to the USA

9 May 2018 //
We come apart and we come back together. Both are beautiful to behold. There is a time for each and it's with great joy that I share that now is the time to come back together. I am honored to return to continue weaving our Women's Web of support, of practice, of love and of understanding. I will be traveling through Virginia as one of four keynote speakers at the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) annual SYTAR conference.

Sumer is Icumen in

2 May 2018 //
HARI OM Dear Wombyoginis. Bealtaine Full Moon Greetings from the West of Ireland! I’m here on a mother/daughter adventure, listening out for the Irish Cuckoos and making ready for this year's Bealtaine women and girls retreat in the beautiful eco-campsite of PURE CAMPING - the English term for this time of year is Beltane - and the Irish word has more of a lilt with the extra ‘A’: Bealtaine - and both describe this May abundance of light and life.

The Ancient Wisdom of the Body

22 March 2018 //
Greetings Yoginis, I offer you an invitation to come home to yourselves at our London Total Yoga Nidra Immersion Experience next month. At the heart of all the work I do for the women, the most powerful practice that I can share is the Yoga Nidra. If you haven't already connecting with this practice, I would really encourage you to join us on the 7th and 8th April at the most beautiful venue in Bermondsey.

You are not too much for me

13 February 2018 //
Greetings from Snowy Oslo, And good wishes for a safe passage through this new (year) dark moon time, From my heart to yours, I send the strength of comfort and love in the darkness, I share here the excerpt from The Great Mother because it brings comfort to so many, including myself.

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2 February 2018 //
I would love to be able to give more support to all the wonderful yoginis, like you, who are practising or teaching Womb Yoga. There are lots of resources already freely available to you online and I'd like to know how useful they have been and what else would be helpful for you. I'd really appreciate it if you would complete the Womb Yoga Survey

Tales from a lifetime of sharing the naked Truth, one layer closer to the light…

17 January 2018 //
HARI OM, January greetings, and a Happy 2018 to you. Sending you light in the darkness from this Northern Hemisphere winter. Although I often struggle with despair and entropy in the January dark nights, I’m glad to report that right now, I sense something very different. It's a bit of a ‘superb surprise’ : I’m not sure if you’ve noticed too, but it feels to me as if the tide of consciousness has actually begun to turn and flow very fast towards a recognition of the truth of the power of the Deep Feminine.

Unleash Your Feminine and Awaken Your Power

19 December 2017 //
As so many of you know... rest, restoration, and self-care are the cornerstones of what I practice and share with students around the world. It is my deep belief that if every woman could know how to truly care for their body, heart, and soul—Oh, what a world it would be!

Midwinter Messages

12 December 2017 //
In the frozen midwinter hills above Stroud, I am so glad to be home, after so much time on the road. I give thanks and deep appreciation to all who have been collaborating in this work of empowerment and affirmation of the deep feminine. I honour the people who have made huge efforts to be present at all the courses and workshops I have been honoured to offer through this year. THANK YOU!

Glad to be Home

2 November 2017 //
Glad to be HOME… celebrating the Autumnal woods and hills, and celebrating today the start of my fifty-second year on this beautiful planet. I share with delight the following reflections by my favourite Celtic mystic, John O'Donohue:


5 October 2017 //
Full Moon Greetings to you from the United States. We've landed in Colorado after an extraordinary weekend of sharing Yoni Shakti practices in San Francisco - with over sixty yogis in a beautiful studio in Potrero Hill, the energy was that of a deep tribal gathering of clan mothers - a bringing together of women from all over the US - from Alaska, and Ohio and all the way up and down the Pacific Coast. Such radiant hearts shining in the depths of deep challenge and profound sadness and desperation here in the US.